Frequently Asked Questions about our Removal Services

Do you offer removals into Europe?

YES. We can offer door-to-door services in Western Europe or arrange collection and delivery via shipping agents in other destinations. Please call us or send us an email for more information.

Does it matter which boxes I use to pack my belongings in?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend using strong double-walled cartons. This is simply because they can support each other when packed properly. Open-top containers, fruit boxes and crisp boxes are not suitable, as this restricts stack-ability.

Will my floors be protected in case of adverse weather?

We will do our utmost to protect carpets and flooring where possible by covering entrances and high traffic areas (staircases and doorways) with floor protecting blankets. Wooden floors can cause health and safety issues, i.e. slipping hazards etc, but we shall do our very best to ensure cleanliness throughout.

Can I buy packaging from you?

Of course. We source our packaging materials from reputable suppliers and always search for the best price and quality available. Please view our packaging page or complete our ‘Contact Us’ form and select ‘Packaging Enquiry’ from the drop down box and we will deliver to the Peterborough area FREE of charge.

What time will you arrive on Removal Day?

We normally aim to start at around 8.30am to 9am, but we can arrive earlier upon request. Avoidance of school run times can be arranged at your discretion.

Do you charge for waiting times (ie problems obtaining keys etc)?

Currently, Browns Removals DO NOT charge for waiting times, as we feel the delay is more often than not out of our customer’s control. We do have a cut-off time of 5.30pm, however, where we will have to store your goods overnight and deliver at the next available slot. The vehicle is parked inside our secure warehouse for your peace of mind.

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